Dental Assistant Salary in Washington – How much does a dental assistant make in WA

Washington State dental assistants, aide in the efficiency of a dentist and their office, because they provide quality healthcare, to this important dental care team. There are different paths to becoming a dental assistant and to receive a great dental assistant salary in Washington. Many learn on the job, while others achieve formal training. There are 1-2 year dental assistant programs, that gives students an associate’s degree and/or a certificate, while other educational institutions offer 4-6 months programs that are not accredited.

Salary of Dental Assistant in Washington StateWashington State Dental Assistant Salary Medians

The salary picture for dental assistant’s, will vary, due to factors that include, the level of education they have, job experience, geographic location, certification, and their scope of duties. The State of Washington’s Department of Labor and Industries, as well as career placement services, places salaries for Washington dental assistants, at a low of $27,000, a medium salary of $39,000, and the higher salary scale being around $52,000.

A 2013 market survey identified Washington State cities, as having an average of $33,000 to $36,000, for entry level (1 to 3 ) employments years. These top cities included Auburn, Bellevue, Everett, Olympia, Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma, Vancouver, and others.

How To Become a Dental Assistant

To become a dental assistant in the state of Washington, a person must obtain an expanded functions dental auxiliary credential (“EFDA”). Students must take an accredited dental assistant course, they must also take a written and clinical exam administered by the Dental Assisting National Board. An HIV/AIDS training course must also be taken.

Dental Assistant Responsibilities

A few of the duties given to dental assistants are under the direction of a primary dentist. Duties can include:o prepare the dental room and arrange tools and instruments for scheduled procedureso assist with dental x-rays and lab worko assist the dentist during each procedureo help to keep patient recordso instruct patients on dental hygieneo schedule appointmentso assist with billing and invoicingo clean teetho apply anesthetics, sealants, and fluoride

Dental assistants must enjoy working and helping people because their additional general duties involve talking and explaining procedures, insurance costs, and they help to keep a dentist’s office organized. Therefore, being good with numbers, remaining focused, and accepting office responsibilities, are key to a successful career as a qualified dental assistant and a greater opportunity for a better dental assistant salary in Washington.

Dental Assistant Course Programs

Dental assistants are well trained through the courses that they must take and pass, during training. General dental assisting courses include:

  • dental anatomy
  • infection control
  • dental sciences
  • chairside assisting
  • dental radiography
  • dental operatory
  • dental health and other specialties
  • restorative procedures and prosthodontics
  • generalized and specialized dental externship

How to Receive A Higher Dental Assistant Salary

A dental assistant’s job descriptions, has a huge impact on the type of salary they can demand. A small dental office with one assistant, will generally make more, than splitting different duties with other assistants. The more training a dental assistant receives, the easier they can find jobs, where employers will offer higher attractive salaries.

Finally, a certified assistant can also demand a higher dentist assistant salary in Washington, than those who aren’t. Advance opportunities with additional education is another way to receive a higher salary in this field, especially in the preparation for the field of cosmetic surgery. With further education, dental assistants can become instructors, sales representatives, or dental hygienists.

For Washington State’s expanded or further education, for dental assistants, require:
o pass the Western Regional Exam Board Restorative exam
o pass the written Washington State Restorative Exam provided through the Dental Assistant National Board
submit an application to the Washington State Department of Health.

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